Affordable Professional Photography
My family and I attended a show in Las Vegas recently. As you gave your ticket to get in they had the obligatory tourist trap of taking your picture in front of the show backdrop as a souvenir. After the show, out of curiosity we decided to get a look at the picture. We liked it and were informed that it would cost $50 for the single 5x7 photo. After laughing at them, they told us it was only $15 if you did not get the leather frame.
The philosophy of Persuasion Photography is that you are paying for our time and not the fancy frame. You get our professionally edited photos and can print, upload, enlarge, or publish as you see fit. We are not in the business of selling marked up frames. We are in the business of capturing the perfect moment.
This freedom and cost model allows you to use Persuasion Photography where you might not have thought of using a Photographer before.
·         Family Portraits/Casual Photos
·         Corporate Receptions/Events
·         Parties of any size
·         Engagements
·         Charity Events
·         Graduation
·         Commercial Photography
Contact me to discuss what you are looking for. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can be.